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Product name

Curadle Smart incubator PRO+[PX-ICU160+(C)] 요약정보 및 구매

Code 1516609000
Manufacturer AUTOELEX
Model PX-ICU160+(C)
판매가격 전화문의
배송비 무료배송










-Exterior design, providing stability and confidence
-Reflects veterinarian’s opinions taken at the product concept, leading to 
optimized design for actual medical situations​
-Large LCD
-AI(Artificial Intelligence) electronic controller which can automatically control 
adjusting cycle depending on ambient environment of the machine​
-Transparent tempered glass window to easily check the condition of the pet
-Stainless material, easy to sterilize for effective sanitation management
-Automatic ventilation system of CO2 concentration sensing
-Automatic ventilation system of O2 saturation sensing
-Double insulated structure and ability to distinguish bottom temperature from 
air temperature, which makes the machine's inside temperature more accurate​
-Automatic control and settings for Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide
-Control and setting of O2 concentration
-Floor Cooling System

-Built-in outlet to power external devices
-Built-in air filter
-Stand Pole to easily install various devices
-Hand access to enable pet treatment without opening the window
-Modular assembly for easy repair and replacement of parts
-Quick button on the home screen for easy control of three kinds of lamp, fan and Timer functions
-Treatment time settings and alarm function
-GUI with enhanced stability and confidence, providing multi language
(English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic)​
-LED indoor lamp, IR lamp and UVC(Preventing Spread of Viruses) lamp

-BLDC Fan is embedded in the incubator to control indoor-environment
-Independent humidity system, which is easy to use and manage
-Designed to stack machines on two levels for space efficiency
-Built-in Alarm function in case of machine failure
(abnormal high temperature, abnormal high concentration of carbon dioxide)​

 -IP camera function for real-time internal video viewing on mobile and smart phone 

(PX-ICU160C model)











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