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Product name

[Nebulizer Type] BIRD BROODER 90 요약정보 및 구매

Manufacturer AUTOELEX
포인트 8,580
Brand Rcom
Model MX-BL500N
판매가격 858,000원
배송비 3,000 원 (50,000원이상 주문시 무료)


Features of BROODER 60, 90


[Main Function]


* Innovatively improve stability and durability with centralized heating system

* Built-in air filter which removes indoor dust

* Built in Anion activation function

* Water pump included for humidification

* Reduce up to 40% of electric power consumption compare with the existing products by using PTC heater


Tip : (ANION) The reason why we feel refreshing when we are in woods or mountain is that there are much 

anion, the atom element with electric charge. If we get anion, it increase the vitality by accelerating metabolism 

of cell. And, it cleans our blood and helps recovering from fatigue, heavy sleep, and improvement of appetite.

[Easy Function]
* Automatic Temp/Humidity control and setting
* Recessed brooding tray for easy cleaning
* 5 stage dimmer device for indoor illumination control
* Rotary Door
* Heated humidification system kills germ
* Reduce of fan noise inside of brooders and provide better pleasant environment (69dB)​

[Safety Function]
* Nubulizer(Respiratory therapy apparatus) and Oxygen tank(Oxygen therapy apparatus) 
  - (Applicable model: BS-500(N), BL-500(N), MX-B60N, MX-B90N)
* BLDC fan for optimum control of inner conditions
* Elegant outer design and optimum inner space distribution
* Alarm function in case of abnormal temperature
* It is possible to stack machine which enable to provide space efficiency (Brooder standing - Option)​

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